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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


After 20 hours of traveling, I am safely in Tokyo and am enjoying this sweeping view while at breakfast. I'm in Japan for the next few days on business. It's not my first trip here, but it is still a very different place than the US and getting around is a little more work than in a European or us city.

Leif is amazing and is taking care of the kiddos on his own this week. It sounds like its going well so far, but I think Hana didn't make it easy on him last night. This was the first night I was away from Hana ( not bad to make it to seven + months). Max is a great help and he is a little more used to my traveling. The difference this time is that he can talk really well so he communicates his concerns.

The day before I left, I explained that mama was going on a trip, and that I was headed to Japan, and I would be gone 5 nights (1-2-3-4-5) and then I would be home. Max thought about it a minute and then asked "Hana go the-pan too?" I smiled. It kind of blows my mind that he remembers Hana went with me on my last trip, which was about a month ago. I think he missed Hana more than even mama. Luckily my kiddos will have each other to play with while I am in "the pan."


  1. You are so brave! If it wasn't for THE PUMP I would enjoy the quiet time! Let Leif know we are least until Friday morning!

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