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Friday, September 14, 2012

Fun with Friends

Remember what I said about hanging in the back yard all summer?  Often we shared those lazy afternoons with our friends. 

Silas and Hanalei
The Leotaud's bring a crazy energy when they visit. Griffin, Avery and Max are all laughing, screaming, running little banshees for a few hours.  Up the slide, around the jungle gym, in the pool, jumping off of the couch, drinking milk together, sharing food....whew! 

Griffin and Leif team up against Max in the tickle fight
  The dads alternate between quietly catch up with each other and wrestling with the kids.  Becca and I juggle the babies while making dinner.

Jackson and Riley are also favorite friends.  
Max and Jackson re-fuel after a long afternoon in the pool

 Max is a little in awe of Jackson who is older and wiser.  The sure do enjoy jumping and running and playing in the water too!  The little girls are just 9 days apart in age, and already seem to enjoy their girl time together. 

Good sharing Riley and Hana!

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