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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"I play iPad"

Max is growing up in the age of technology and, as expected, loves mama's phone, camera, computer and of course the remote control.  But far-and-away his favorite is the iPad.  It starts around 5:30 when we get home from school and work:

Max: "i play ipad...i play ipad...iplay ipad...MAMA!...i PLAY ipad." 

Mama: "hmm?" (while unpacking the lunches, putting milk in the fridge and reaching to turn on the oven)

Max: "i play IPAD!...  I.... PLAY..... IPAD! "

Mama: "Here Max, try some of these carrots.  You can dip them.." (while plunking something frozen into the oven)

Max: "I PLAY IPAD!!"  (while climbing up on a stool, opening the ipad, and pointing for me to put in the password)

Usually this is followed by a compromise as Max gets to play iPad while smearing ranch dressing on the screen, but at least he is dipping his carrots and dinner will be ready in 30 minutes.

I researched top toddler apps this week and found a new one that Max loves.  He gets to design monsters, and then they play with Elmo.  Today I went to my iPad to download a picture for work, and this is what I found:

Max knows how to save pictures on my iPad?  I don't even know how to do that!  By the way, there were about 50 images of monsters with no faces.  What does that mean?

Have you heard of any good toddler apps?  We are always looking for educational ways to entertain these kids.

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