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Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Don't Pop the Whale!"

This summer we have had lots of fun playing in the backyard on the jungle gym, with the water table or in the new kiddie pool that is shaped like a whale. 

Water table... check!  Whale pool...check!  Gold fish toy...check!

Max uses the "water slide" and lands in the whale pool
The first time we played with the whale pool, Max became worried when Leif moved the pool across the lawn.  "DON'T POP THE WHALE, PAPA!!"  he yelled.  Ever since, Max has taken to chanting "Don't pop the whale...don't pop the whale"  its actually pretty zen.  It is amazing how often that phrase makes it into our conversations.  Papa asks "Max, where are your shoes?"  "Don't pop the whale, Papa!" Max replies. 

Anyway, here are a few shots from some lazy summer afternoons.  Typically Max is soaked, Hana is chilling in the shade with Samson, Leif tries to keep up with the yard work and Mama takes pictures of everyone.


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