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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hanalei Turned Six months (3 weeks ago)

Ok, so I am a little late in posting Hanalei's Six month photos (she turns 7 months on Friday) but better late than never!

I have said it before, and I'll say it again...Hana is such a happy baby.  She has a smile for everyone, and if there is a camera anywhere in the vicinity she's got a huge grin on her face.  She is such a ham!  She still rarely cries, and only if there is a really good reason. 

Baby Work

First food!  Hana likes to be in control of her spoon

At her 6 month check up Hana is 90% for length and 60% for weight

Here are a few of Hana's new activities:
  • Now that she is 6 months old, we've started her on solids.  She loves to grab the spoon, and some of her favorites are oatmeal and avocado (just like her brother). 
  • Hana is a professional sitter-uper.  She can even scoot all over, while maintaining her seated position in order to pick up toys or to tackle the dog.
  • She has mastered the army crawl.  Hana can roll and scoot and army crawl anywhere she wants to go. 
  • We think she might be allergic to the dog.  All of that rolling on the ground leaves her covered with dog fur and often little red welts.  We're increasing the vacuuming and try to keep Sam out of the romper room.  Hopefully this works.
  • Hana has started waking up at 5am, and even after a good nursing she won't really go back to bed. That makes for some early mornings, thankfully Leif helps out and gets up early with her while I catch a few more minutes of sleep.
  • She is a very social eater. During the day she wants bottles or solid food.  She has no patience for nursing because that would mean she'd have to look at only mama for about 15 minutes...who has time for that when you are a busy girl on the move? 

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  1. happiest baby on the block (well tied with riley) =) love these pix!