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Friday, September 28, 2012

Little yellow creature

So, my hotel in Tokyo is in shiodome tower which is part if a large "mall." There are all kinds of eateries, stores, a train station, and even Nippon television center. The last few nights as I leave the hotel I am confronted with bright lights and crowds of parents herding young children towards this camera crew. What do you think that yellow creature is all about? The tiny kids seem to love him, and he must be important because, look, he has a masked guard!

I get the impression that I am stumbling into the outdoor set of the NBC morning show, here in Tokyo. It is fun experiencing bits of Japanese culture and having no idea what they mean.

This morning we plan to visit the fabled tuna market. Hopefully I'll get some fun fish pics.

PS. Upon closer inspection, I'm thinking maybe he's an angry bird?

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