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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer Nights

Yes, I realize it is back-to-school season, but we Keller's are trying to embrace summer for as long as possible (that is what we tell ourselves when we run the AC all night because it is stink'n HOT outside even though its September). 

So I thought I'd share one of our summer evening experiences from a few weeks ago.  I picked the kids up early one Thursday afternoon, and we all went to the botanical gardens in Encinitas.  We met up with friends around 4pm to play a bit and then caught a kiddy concert on the lawn while enjoying our picnic. 

If you are in So Cal, and have never been to the botanical gardens you need to check it out.  Normally I am no fan of visiting flowers and gardens and such, but this place is completely different.  They have a huge play area devoted to kids including a huge tree-house, music area, crafts area, stream & boats and even a big pit for digging.  Max loves running wild through the different areas, where he can use his big "outside voice" and can get wet and dirty to his heart's content. 

Once the music started, Max popped up and started dancing and wiggling along.  Then he went upfront to the kids mosh pit where he sang and danced for about an hour with the other kids.  Hana enjoyed all of the excitement too.  It was just delicious watching all of the kids squirm with excitement to the happy kid songs.  

Truly EXPERIENCING my children is one of the best feelings.  There is nothing more joyful than seeing them have all-out, uninhibited kid-fun.

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