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Friday, May 28, 2010


I ran across some great blog articles recently which delve into the modern quilting movement.  Please take a moment to read these, as they are truly thought provoking and will likely guide the way our online modern quilting community evolves.  Rossie takes a look at where Modern Quilting should and could go while Cheryl (Naptime Quilter) takes a hard look at where Modern Quilting really comes from.  Both really challenge us to take our quilting to new places with a focus on technique, pushing the envelope and doing new things.

As a fairly new quilter, the exhortation to PUSH to try new techniques and designs is pretty easy.  There are so many new things for me ;-)  For my next project, my big PUSH is going to be hand quilting.  Inspired by Ann StewArt's amazingly simple and yet intriguing work, I am going work on hand quilting with large color blocks in my next quilt. 

Though I have done hand quilting before I am pushing to better my technique.  Take a look at my practice piece.  I am pretty consistent with my stitches when I use a longer needle, but I want to get better.  So last night I tried working with #10 between and what a big difference. 

I have a lot more practice before I am ready to tackle the real quilt with my smaller needle.  Guess that's part of the process!  What tips do you have for me to with hand quilting?  I'd love your tips, tricks and techniques!


  1. Thanks for the shout out!
    I'm not much of a handquilter myself, but it is definitely something I want to improve upon. We can only do that by do, do, doing it. My only tip is that no one will know if you do it one stitch at a time, so don't feel bad if that's the most comfortable thing.

  2. Yeah, I've just been plugging along slowly with the practice piece and have found that already I am getting more consistent and faster. That’s the beauty of trying something new ;-)

  3. thank-you Katie for posting about this! I checked out the links and the posts are awesome. Way to push yourself to a new a level with your quilting!

  4. Thanks, I found the push for process inspiring. My hand quilting has already improved leaps and bounds. I decided to do not just one quilt by hand but two. So now i have a LOT of hand quilting in front of me. I'll have to post about that soon.