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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sandwiches for Dinner

Last night instead of making dinner, I made quilt sandwiches. 
I think I am going to quilt around each square and on the diagonals through the square

Probably will do random horizontal quilting to accentuate the "sticks"


  1. Two sandwiches? My you are industrious - I love those stars - lovely colours. Look forward to seeing the quilting.

  2. Alright, you've shamed me. I'm getting off the computer NOW and sewing something!! I have had anything to sandwich in weeks.

  3. I'm a batcher. I don't like to sandwich much, so i save them and do a couple at a time. You ladies are great!

  4. Fun! I always get so excited to be DONE quilting, hope you're getting a lot finished on them!