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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So I said that I wasn't going to stash...

I’m not going to stash 
So I told myself that I was not, no way, absolutely not going to build up a fabric stash. I’ve seen how much room fabric takes up in my mom’s house. I have set a firm boundary that all of my quilting supplies and fabric must fit on my desk.

But here is how soon my resolve started to fade and the thought process behind the slippery slipery slope of “not stashing.”

Two months ago…
“Wow, look at those amazing Hope Valley prints. They have them all nice and packaged as fat quarters…that would make it so easy to get the fabrics for my next project. I think I must have them, and anyway its not stashing if you are just buying fabric for your next quilt…right?”
One month ago…
"Wait a sec, those Michael Miller fabrics are on sale for 25% off…but only for today…I would love to have a few of those for the quilt I make after the hope valley quilt…I’ll just pick up a few."

A few weeks ago…
"Katie Jump Rope? Wow what fun colors! The ribbon-flower is so yummy!  And my name is Katie, I should have some Katie Jump Rope fabric."
As you can see from my last post, Flea market fancy is my current obsession.

This week…I give up. I have a stash.
I have just turned my guest bedroom into a sewing room. It is a little pathetic to see how quickly my resolve weakened, but oh so wonderful to feel all of my fabric and to see it sitting there on the shelf. One day all of those beautiful fabrics will be quilts…and they will be replaced on the shelf by more fabric.
I love my new setup with a closet for fabric and nice bright room and a "design bed." Cause design walls don't HAVE to be on the wall...beds work well too.

PS. this is my current work in progress Sticks and Stone where I am putting some of that Katie fabric to good use.  And here are sneak peaks of the back. 

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  1. I'm jealous of your beautiful stash and your sewing room! That quilt is awesome too.