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Monday, April 26, 2010

Max's Quilt(s)

So how often have you gotten to the end of your piecing your quilt top and you realize that a) you have 8 blocks left over or b) you have so many perfect scraps left over? I swear that happens to me every time, and I cannot resist making a baby quilt or a wall hanging from the leftovers. And funny enough, I usually like my second quilt better than the planned one. I feel more free to be creative or to try new things when I am making the second version, because if I screw up, its ok...cause it's a bonus quilt.

Here are some pictures of the quilt I made for my son and a bonus over one too. I used mostly Kona solids with a few subtle prints thrown in. I LOVE the bright solid blue border and how it stands out against the white sashing. It makes me think of summer.

Coloring Outside the Lines (hand quilted with lots of love for Max)

Here is the back, where I randomly pieced this key board effect. I was inspired by this Denyse Schmidt quilt and figured I would try it on the back. Aren't quilt backs the best place to try new things?

High Tide (my solo first machine quilting)Here is the second one, which I used slightly brighter prints (I love the numbers and wavy green lines) and decided to try my hand at machine quilting. I love the movement that the wavy quilted lines give to this quilt.

I have this quilt and a matching pillo for sale here:


  1. Wow! I love both quilts!! The wavy machine quilting looks great. I've been wanting to hand quilt and am working on a small quilt now that I'll practice on. Very inspiring!

  2. I love those quilts! And I love love love the back of the first one. Great idea!

  3. I've just skipped over here from FMQ at Flickr and am wondering if we have the next Film in the Fridge quilt genius appearing out of nowhere. Your two quilts are really striking and bold. I love them. Like you, I discovered quilting very recently (mid Feb!) and am obsessed.