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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Zoo with Nana

A few weeks ago Margo came to visit, and the kids had a blast with her.  One of the perks of her visits is that she takes the kids in the morning and lets us catch up on some much needed sleeping in.  What a treat!
On Friday, we went to the Zoo in the afternoon and stayed until the park closed at 9pm.  It was a great time to see the animals, because they come out in full force at dusk.  We saw leopards chasing each other, a hyena wreaking havoc on a horse femur, and even a panther who started stalking Max.  Apparently a two year-old running in front of the panther cage at dinner time is the perfect prey.  We were glad there was a strong fence between that cat and our son. 

Here are a few shots I took during our "happy hour." The big girls had beers and Max enjoyed some ice cream while we waited for papa to join us after work.
It started with a little sugar

Then came the african drums...

A back up singer...

and a grand finale!

I highly recommend the zoo after dark.  The crowds have thinned, the air has cooled and there is a peacefulness that you just don't experience during the day.  It starts to feel more like the animals are in charge instead of "the man."  With the crowds gone, we let Max run around to his heart's content. His little legs carried him up and down those big hills for hours.  The next day he couldn't stop talking about "Hyena eat 'da bone" and "aaahhhhh, 'dats 'da camel!"

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