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Monday, July 23, 2012

Five Months!

Hanalei is now five months old!  She continues to be the happiest baby, with smiles and goos for everyone.  She has reached that stage where everything goes in her mouth and she can be entertained for half-an-hour with a crinkled piece of computer paper.  We haven't started any solid food yet, she's still a nursing baby.  She is still sleeping through the night from about 7pm to 6am.  Though for the last week we've had sporadic 4am feedings.  Hopefully that doesn't become a habit. 

She is rolling from hear-to-there-to-everywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't rush into crawling, because she doesn't have any need. She can maneuver to anywhere she wants with a roll and a wiggle. If we take our eyes off of her for a minute, we find her rolling out of one room and into another.  A few days ago I found that she'd rolled under her crib!

Hana said "Mama" a few weeks ago and has repeated it several times.  I doubt she knows what it means, but I think she realizes that when she says it, she gets my attention really quickly ;-)  Hanalei is just starting to practice sitting up, and I think that within a few weeks she'll have it nailed. 

Hana and Max continue to be the funniest playmates.  I would never have guessed that they could play together so well at this early age.  Max brings Hana toys, and she laughs and giggles and smiles at him bigger than at anyone else.  They like to roll on the floor together and snuggle under the blanket side-by side.  Sometimes we worry that Max is too rough with her, but Hana will just grab a fist full of his hair and yank it hard.  Those little sisters learn defensive maneuvers early in life! 

Our little Hanalei brings the sunshine into our family. 

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  1. Hana is stinking adorable :-) Love that age!
    Gorgeous quilt she's laying on, too!