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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mornings at the Keller House

Do you have a morning scramble?  After graduating I started working in the real world, and I remember thinking what a rush it was to get out of the door and to work by 8:30.  I mean, you had to get dressed in nice clothes and remember your computer and then you had TRAFFIC to deal with...mornings were crazy.

And then...

We had childeren...

I now realize that I had no IDEA what a hectic morning was until kids came around.  Here is a sample schedule from the house of craziness.

6:00   Nurse Hana with my eyes still closed and pray that Max keeps sleeping a little longer
6:25   Put Hana back to bed and give into the dog's insistent whining, pull on jeans and take the Sam for a walk (oops, forgot to turn on the coffee pot)
6:30    Pack up the breast pump (don't ask), Hana's milk and Max's lunch while feeding the dog and wishing for coffee
7:00   Struggle out of jeans and into wrinkled work pants (no time for a shower and still haven't turned on that stupid coffee pot) while trying to find my left shoe and praying that Max stays asleep a little longer
7:05   The baby is crying; change her diaper and decide that pajamas are basically the same thing as clothes and plop Hana in the bouncer.  She won't win "best dressed" today, but  her smile will make up for what her wardrobe lacks. 

7:10   My wonderful husband wakes up Max, brings him downstairs and chases him through the living room with a clean diaper and clothes. While I have finally remembered to turn on that blessed coffee pot.

7:20   Max is dressed and is focused on spilling as much milk as possible while chanting "papa make 'moothies"
7:30   I realize I have yet to brush my unwashed hair so while papa gives in to our two-year-old's demands for smoothies, I slap on some makeup and yank out the snarls

7:43   Leif and I wrestle the kids toward the garage, strap them down, check to make sure that all of our gear is stashed in the mini-van SUV.  Then Leif hands me a green smoothy as the car doors slam (Thank you!)
7:44   Finally drive down the street with two kids, 5 bags, while blasting Raffi and realize I have forgotten my coffee

Hope you have a great day today...we will! 

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  1. how many times is coffee mentioned? The Mothers only saving grace! Got a great laugh from this!