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Friday, July 6, 2012

Makin' Moothies

Max is of the age where the best activities are adult activities.  Toys are fine, but real Mama and Papa chores are way more interesting.  Case in point: morning smoothies. 

A few weeks ago Leif got a new blender and started making the family uber healthy breakfast smoothies with lots of fresh fruits and those dark leafy greens (kale has a new pride of place in the veggie drawer).  So Leif is our official smoothie man.  Max loves being his side kick and I love the yummy nutritious breakfasts.

Since he was really little, Max has loved doing "Baby Work."  Though he is more of a toddler these days, he still gets absorbed in a task and will practice it over and over.  When he is "makin' moothies," Max pushs his stool up to the counter and will sit there sorting fruits and putting the blender lid on and off.  Sometimes he'll spend 40 minutes or more absorbed in his fun.   

Then we all enjoy the his smoothies together

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