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Monday, May 28, 2012

Birthday Two!

In March, Max turned "birthday two" as he likes to say.  We celebrated on his birthday with monkey pancakes in the morning, special glow-in-the dark necklaces and then cake and balloons at night.  However, the real fun happened a few weeks later at his Robot Birthday Party when his family and friends came over to celebrate the milestone with him.

I have never seen Max so excited. He loved the bouncy house...

Papa pulled out the silly string

There was tons of junk food to eat like Robot Fuel Cells (tiny jello), Nuts & Bolts (chex mix), and Memory Cells (mini-candy bars).   

 Several times throughout the day, I saw Max helping himself to the candy and he strutted around the back yard like he owned it with a bag of cheez-its in one hand and his brand new birthday sunglasses perched on his head.

Max's big birthday present from Mama and Papa was his swing set.  Papa spent 3 weekends assembling it before the party and had some help from grandpa too.  Almost every day, Max goes out to swing and slide... he just LOVES it.

After partying hard all afternoon, people started leaving with smiles on their faces.  We started packing up the food and let the air out of the bouncy house.  Max looked around in distress, came up to me and asked "more birthday?"  Yes Max, you will have LOTS more birthday, we just have to wait until next year.  
It was heart warming to a mama to see my kiddo have so much fun on his special day.  It obviously made an impression because when anyone has a birthday now, Max assumes it is another "Birthday Two" for him.  He doesn't mind too much when it turns out to be grandfather's birthday because at least there is still birthday cake.

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