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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spicing Up the Kitchen + Single Girl

What a FUN project.

I thought these 4 blocks were going to become place mats, but the size was just too large. Unless my partner has a VERY wide table, two place mats opposite each other would have hung off of the table by several inches. That's not so convenient!  I loved how the table runner turned out. I used 4 rings linked vertically. Though it is a little wide for a traditional table runner, It will be nice for laying out dishes. Or, if my partner wants, she can use it as a vertical wall hanging in her kitchen.

Here's the table runner before I popped it into the washer and dryer:

I wanted to accentuate the fun quilted pattern, so I went for the crinkly look.   After the washer & dryer:

I used a paper-piecing technique, which turned out to be pretty useful.  It made cutting the fabric a breeze.  But be prepared, sewing the blocks using  paper-piecing does take more time than just sewing pre-cut pieces together.   So if you are doing a king-sized quilt it might make sense to go the individual template route.  I am tempted to try a block or two with the conventional method just to decide which is more efficient.  

One clear advantage is with managing all of your fabrics.  I suck at keeping a bunch of fabric pieces organized enough to sew them together in the correct order.  Reading some of the posts over here, it seems like that is universally a pretty challenging part of this Single Girl pattern.  With paper piecing, i kept a lump of 5" squares of fabric next to my machine.  As I sewed each arch, I simply grabbed the fabric that inspired me at the moment.  No sorting and organizing required.

I think the bliss fabric turned out wonderfully on the back.  The red print is quite striking against the aqua dots. 

I followed Denyse's quilting guidelines, but did machine quilting instead of hand quilting. 

If you remember, I had some sample blocks where I tried out the shape of my paper-pieced curved template to make sure that I had the size right.

Well, I turned them into 4 pot holders with two different bindings and quilting designs. This was a fun side-project and should make a nice accent to the Pièce de résistance.

I hope my spicing up the kitchen partner likes her new set!  I am still planning on making a king-sized single girl quilt for my bed, but need to decide on color schemes. Stay tuned for some of my ideas.


  1. This turned out great! I kind of wantto try paper piecing, but I did already cut out all of the templates, so I feel committed.

    I wouldn't mind at all being your partner for this swap! That tablerunner would be great!

  2. Wow - your runner is fabulous! Wow! I am glad you wrote about paper piecing - I did get your templates where they were up and I have been going back and forth between methods - which to do. You have done so much legwork for your readers - thanks!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love this whole set! If you're not my partner, it's quite possible that I may need to make myself this very set :)

  4. This will be a wonderful package for someone to receive!!

  5. These turned out so wonderfully well- the table runner at the potholders. Congratulations!

  6. Gosh dang! This is sooooo smart! I'm jealous!

  7. Very pretty! You did the smart thing and started small. I'm working on mine but in King size. I must be crazy.