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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Planning a Single Girl for my master bedroom

So, now that I've gotten the 4-block table runner completed, I am turning my sights to a king sized quilt. I am thinking about doing something more subtle, since I plan to keep this on my bed for a LONG time.  I am thinking of piecing each ring with a single color (lots of different prints, but all the same color). Here are some of the concepts I am considering.

Concept 1: Most rings the same color, with a few different ones for pop

 Concept 2: One stand out ring
 Concept 3: Tone on Tone
 Concept 4: Light and dark contrast, all rings the same
Concept 5: A lighter version of #1
 Concept #6 A green-er version of #3
 Concept #7 Grey?
Concept #8: Rotate the archs

Whats your vote?  PS. Isn't EQ great for quick planning like this? Once I figured out how to build the block, I got each of these options in just seconds. 


  1. How fun. I vote for keeping it neutral and traditional - 1-5. Not 6 or 8. I fear I'm gonna have to break down and buy this pattern.

  2. love the grays, but i really really love the idea of a stand-out block (or blocks!). that gives it a little extra somethin somethin... a sparkle.

  3. Concept #5 is amazing! It would be something I could look at every day for a long time!

  4. Oooh the decisions! I like concept 2, or 5 but with just two colours. I like the colours of 4 and 6. Good luck!

  5. Hi, I have been eyeing off this pattern but am a newbie quilter (only just completed my very first baby quilt) so I won't tackle the Single Girl for a little while. Anyway, I like option 7 the best as it seems more contemporary but the colours could date... otherwise 5 or 1 next (in that order) but I'm not a huge fan of brown/neutrals.