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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

iPAD Cases...Fun, Fun, Fun!

Isn't it more fun with color?

I love my new iPAD. Period.  Email, books, photos, tunes, and even some work apps.  Though I wasn't digging the corporate black cover.  I looked around for about a month for a fun cover in the stores, and it seems there are just not a lot of options. 

I found a great pattern from Leah at Sew Spoiled Designs and made my own.  Doesn't the tufted tweets fabric look lovely on the iPAD?  I found that this pattern has a lot of nifty details:

The cover, made from 2 pieces of strong Masonite and three types of stabilizers, makes a built-in-stand.  I like that the lift of the stand is a sturdy 3" which makes it less tipsy than the standard issue iPAD cover.
The cover grips the iPAD really securely, with two fabric corners at the bottom and clear plastic elastic straps at the top.  I haven't had any issues reaching the volume controls and power buttons.

Its also slim!  Because who wants a bulky case for a piece of technology that was designed to be sleek an unobtrusive?

The funny part is, it seems like I'm not the only fan of this design.  When I took it into work, my coworkers started oohh-in and ahhh-ing.  So I made up a few more.

This one is Kei Honeycomb in green for the lining and a lime green and cream zig-zag on the exterior. 
 Then my husband got interested, but didn't want any "girly looking iPAD."  He chose these brown wool plaids for his case.
Now I am addicted!

If you'd like a little iPAD bling of your own, head on over to my etsy store at and choose your own look. 
Cheers!  Katie

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