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Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend in San Fran {quilts are everywhere}

It was a beautiful weekend in San Francisco!  We packed up the whole family and headed to the bay area to visit my sister for her birthday.  Have you ever seen Alcatraz looking so...visible?  Usually there is a thick blanket of fog hiding it from view, but on Saturday it was out in all of its majesty.
After walking from embarcadero down to the Ghirardelli plaza, we did some wine tasting at Cellar 360.  I totally recommend it.  Because wine tasting in Napa is exquisite, but wine tasting in Napa after a 90 min drive with a screaming 8-month-old-baby is exhausting.  So we opted to stay in the city and drink some lovely boutique wines while enjoying views of the bay.  Fabulous!

Before returning home we grabbed brunch at a restaurant (and I cannot remember the name for the life of me) called Park Chow (thanks Claudia!) where we had lovely, locally grown organic dishes.  My brother-in-law opted for the small Thai salad...
While I decided to chow down on huevos rancheros (hey, I'm on vacation, no judging my's organic anyway, so that means its healthy right?)

And because I always have sewing on the brain to some extent, when I saw this funky-clashy color combination on a building, I had to snap a picture.  Can you see the quilt here?  A graphic design of bubble gum pinks juxtaposed with candy apple red and sashed in grey?   

Quilts are everywhere just waiting to be seen. 
When was the last time you "saw" a quilt around town?


  1. I was in S.F. this weekend too. The weather was unbelievably amazing!!!

    Cool, cool idea for a quilt!

  2. I want the food! I like the quilt idea, very cool.

  3. I love those pinks! Did you eat at Park Chow? It looks familiar (one of my personal faves).