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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Flea Market...but not exactly Fancy

I like shopping at Nordstrom and Banana Republic like the rest of you...but there is something to be said for "upcycling."  So yesterday my husband and I took the baby "thrifting." We found this great block that has about 6-7 little thrift shops all in a row. There's a little indian grocery store squeezed in between the last thrift store and the used book store where we got some spices for tonight's dinner.

When poking around second hand stores, most of the stuff is truly junk.  Sometimes there are treasures like solid, well-made furniture that just need a new finish.  I didn't see any of that yesterday, but I did find some fabric bins filled with all sorts of bargains.  I paid $1.00 for all of these lovliles.

There was a pretty piece of blue velvet that was really tempting, but I decided an important rule of "Flea Market" fabric is that it has to be washable.  I need to be sure that way-ward fabric is nice and clean before it lives on the shelf with my other fabrics.

The top black and white print has already become part of my latest project.  See if you can spot it later this week when I post on my works in progress.

This bottom one is intriguing, it is called "Liberty of London" and is 36" wide vs the standard 44"   

But my favorite is this stone colored woven, with teeny red crosses on it.

I wasn't expecting to find fabric at the thrifties, but it was a wonderful surprise.  Do you have any other good ideas about where to find good deals on fabric?

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  1. Great find! I love the tiny red crosses too. I love to dig through boxes at estate sales and you can find all sorts of fabric, old sewing gadgets and afghans.