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Monday, June 14, 2010

Hand Sewing Organizer & Clutch

I had a blast this weekend making something I desparatley need... something to carry around my hand sewing and to coral all of my needles, thimbles and what-not.  All of the "organizers" I saw in the store didn't really secure my notions.  I had needles falling out and thimbles rolling across the floor everytime I moved from the couch to the arm chair.  I was dumping my supplies into a plastic grocery sac when I left the house. I made these!  I love how they turned out and even decided to put one or two in my store.  There are compartments for my clippers, needles, thimbles, even seam ripper, marking pencil and my thread.  My favorite part is the fabric...check out the country fair (home dec weight Flea Market Fancy).

I also made one in Red Flower Ribbons with a navy Lining...

I built a needle case built into the closure strap, so that it keeps the needles from poking me.

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