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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hana is feeling better

Thanks for all of the well wishes!  After 2-3 days of a high fever, Hana is almost back to her normal self.
our little girl can rock hand-me-down dino PJs with the best of them

We were so disappointed to cancel her birthday party, but she needed to rest.  Plus, we couldn't expose all of those other babies to the yuckiness.

the ladybug tu-tu went unworn

We had a very low key weekend, opening presents slowly over a few days.  Hana threw her cupcake to the dog, so we didn't really get the traditional birthday cake experience.  Max certainly enjoyed his cake though.


Margo was a life saver this week.  She took care of Hana all day on Friday while we were at work, and then watched the kids again in the evening so that Leif and I could go on a Valentines date.  The kids love it when Nana visits.


Hana was back to smiles by Sunday evening

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  1. So glad your little ladybug is feeling better!! As soon as Riley is healthy we can play dolls!