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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

First Steps

Last Monday Hana took her first steps.  For weeks she has been practicing her walking with papa and mama, holding on to our fingers as she paces the floor.

Last Monday, we got some new bedroom furniture delivered and all of us were sitting on the floor in the master bedroom planning out how to arrange everything.
new bed
 While we were hanging out on the floor, Leif mentioned that the ladies at daycare had been hinting that "Hana is standing up by herself very well these days," and he suspected that maybe she had taken a few steps at school that day.  Well, no sooner were the words out of his mouth than Hana took off!  She took about 5 steps across the floor before dropping triumphantly to her knees.  Of course we all hooted and hollered.
getting to her feet this weekend 

Since then, each day she gets up the courage to try walking once or twice.  Crawling is still the preferred method of transportation and it seems like taking steps is still really scary for her.  But look out, in no time this girl is going to be running around!

Everyone is excited about you walking, even Samson

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