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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Italy, Canada and Turkey...

What do those countries have in common?  Kind of a random selection, right?  Well those some of the countries where I've sold my custom iPAD covers!  Exciting!

Ok, I am relatively new to the etsy thing.  I tried putting some quilts up for sale last year, but it turns out that anyone visiting my shop was already a quilter and was making their own lovely quilts.  So I was not expecting big things when I opened up the iPAD division of my etsy shop.
Wow was I surprised!  It turns out that custom iPAD covers are making a hit.  I have had several wonderful customers who have purchased my "ready to ship" covers, but many have designed covers with custom pocket configurations and with their own fabrics.

I'd love advice from some of you out there who have started new businesses.  What are some tips for driving traffic to your shop?  Have you found some great vendors to help keep costs low?  How are you balancing your new business with your full time job?

Another question for you professionals out you think there would be interest in Kindle covers and Nook covers?

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  1. Love it! Now I have no excuse to buy myself an iPad...