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Sunday, July 11, 2010

This is where I sew...

I thought I'd show you my sewing spot.  I'm new here.  Before I claimed this room 2 months ago, my poor family had to eat on the couch because the dining room was my sewing space.  I have to admit that I hesitated about moving my sewing upstairs...though there was a whole guest room waiting for me I worried that moving my sewing away from the family would leave me disconnected.  I liked hearing my hubby watch UFC fighting in the other room...I liked seeing the dog on his bed and watching the baby bounce in his jumper.  But I HATED the way my fabrics kept getting in the way of life...and kept getting crumpled when we pushed them out of the way.

You know what, I do miss those things. But I love what I found upstairs. My sewing room is not just a place for my fabrics and my mess it is a place for ME. My CD is in the player, I chose the pale yellow walls that look like the sunrise and I have found a haven. In my room, I can spend a (very few) quite moments all to myself at the beginning of the day while the rest of the house still sleeps.

My favorite part of this room is all of the light I get through the 3 windows. It is wonderful for playing with fabric and gives such a fresh feel. Being on the second floor allows me to look out the front window and feel connected to the neighborhood. While I press seams, I see the kids playing ball. While I make bobbins I see the neighbors pulling out of their garage (again) to run to t-ball practice.

Looking at these pictures, I realize how some of my most favorite things have come to live in this room. Of course there is my beautiful fabric and prized sewing machine. You'll also see my favorite green vase (a wedding gift that has never actually had flowers in it) my DS quilting book (LOVE!) my new selvage pin cushion (FMF of course...thanks Cindy) and the very first "modern" pillow I made.  And Pete!  Pete has lived with me since 2003 and is the perfect sounding board for new ideas.  It was not intentional, this amalgamation of favorite things.  It is as if they just migrated to the room of their own accord.  Each item in this room moves me.
What inspires you about your sewing space?  


  1. I love your sewing room! It looks very cheerful and inspiring. I had to look around for Pete .... is he the head on your sewing table? He must be a good collaborator because your quilts are fabulous.

    Alas, I sew in my dining room. We're hoping to move in the near future and a sewing spot is high on my wish list!

  2. What a wonderful space! I'm a new follower - I found your blog looking for FMF - what a wonderful stash you have! And an extremely informative post about where to find some as well. I am LOVING your hexies quilt and might need to try that pattern next since I don't think I'll be starting my FMF quilt any time soon. lol! Thanks for sharing!