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Monday, July 26, 2010

This is my view

Stranded...not a great feeling on Monday morning at 6:18am. 
I was supposed to be ON this plane, not sitting inside the terminal looking out.

I arrived at the gate 20 min before the flight to find that my seat had been given away, grrr!  It is clear that I am going to miss my 4pm meeting in St. Louis.  The next flight gets me in at midnight, so I'll be tired tomorrow. 

I'm a silver lining girl and I appreciate that this means I can go home and nurse my baby 3 extra times today.  Small blessings, right?

It's now 6:45pm and I am in Phoenix.  Yep, I was finally able to get to phoenix but my connection has now been delayed an hour & a half.  So that puts me arriving in St. Louis at 1am.  That 6:30am meeting is going to come really quickly.  (I am tempted to quit the day job and become a quilter...there's money in quilting right?)

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  1. It's supposed to rain here in STL today anyway. Better to be home with the baby for sure!