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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Last monday, we packed up the kids nice and early and drove to Disneyland to celebrate Max's third birthday.  It was Auntie Jessy's brilliant idea, and the timing was perfect for the kids' very first trip to "Mickey's House."

Disneyland charges admission for kids 3 years and older, so strategically went the day before Max's actual birthday (that's $85 dollars in our pockets).

We had a pretty peaceful drive up as you can read about here, and we had oodles of fun throughout the day.  We met up with Auntie Emily, Auntie Jessy, Julian, Grandma & grandpa who had all had a big slumber party at the grandparent's house the night before (which is an easy  5 minutes from Disneyland).

We started the day in fantasy land, where kids of all ages can enjoy the rides.  We found out quickly that the Pinocchio line was non-existent because the ride is frighteningly nostalgic.  The babies were terrified, and tell you the truth, I was pretty unsettled too. I had forgotten how Disneyland embraces its history and keeps the older rides exactly as they were decades ago, when cartoons were a bit scarier  However rides like Dumbo were a success.  Max and grandma loved it, Hana was unsure, and Em had to fight to keep her breakfast down. 

After our initial focus on the kiddy rides, we took turns  with the littles and let the others tackle some of the adult rides in shifts.  Through the day most of us managed to ride splash mountain, the Matterhorn and space mountain.  It was great having the grandparents there, and I think they really enjoyed the special time with their grandkids. 

As any parent will tell you, a good nap can make or break an otherwise fun day.  We were a little nervous that the kids might derail in the afternoon, but the ALL took great naps.
Julian catching his snoozes.

After a semi-quiet time in the afternoon we hit small world, a classic and for good reason.  Hana and Julian adored this ride, which was one of the few without loud noises and flashing lights...perfect for babies.

The only shadow on the day was that in the evening Max got sick.  He was starting to get pretty quiet and withdrawn and at 5pm he asked to go home (very unexpected from this go-getter).  On our way out of the park he threw up twice and was pretty lethargic on the way home.  We figure it was a quick acting stomach bug since mama woke up sick in the middle of the night too.  Everyone rebounded quickly so it was a minor blip on an otherwise SUPER FUN day. 

Max was a great age for enjoying Disneyland and it was a day that we will all remember.

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