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Monday, November 19, 2012

Potty Update

I know you are all on the edges of your seat just waiting for the Potty up-date.  Max did great this weekend.  Saturday he had 3-4 successful "pee-pee in the potties", and Sunday he continued the trend.  He's had a few accidents on both days but in the end we had more successes.  One of those accidents happened on our neighbor's front-porch just as we were asking if Jackson could come out and play.  Nice one Max.
Margo was super-lucky to face-time us at just the moment that Max was dropping the largest #2 ever into his little potty.  I know she feels warm and fuzzy to have gotten to share that personal glimpse into Keller Life.  Max was so proud to show Nana his poo-poo.  (I'll admit it, Leif and I were proud too...look what OUR kid can do!) 
It's day three in potty-training {take-two} and here are some important things I have learned about Max:
  1. If you ask "do you have to potty?"  The answer will always be "no."  You cannot ask a kid this question when you are potty training...ever. 
  2. The books tell you to have him sit on the potty every 20 minutes until he goes.  This is a recipe for failure with Max.  He just feels nagged and potty time isn't fun if you HAVE to sit on the potty so often.
  3. Chocolate chips are the perfect motivation.  Instead of saying "time to sit on the potty" we say "Max, are you ready  to try for some chocolate chips?" He likes to be empowered to make the decision himself.
  4. We have 100% success when Max decides to sit on the potty.  If it is his choice, he delivers the goods.   When mama or papa guide him there, the hit ratio is much lower.
  5. Charts and stickers may work well for some kids, but not for Max.  I think he takes after his dad on this one (I was always one for gold stars).  There is no quicker way to de-motivate Max than to start keeping track of his success.
  6. Max loves big-boy underwear.  Period.  He is wearing undies all day when he's potty training, and now wears pull-ups for sleeping and naps.  
  7. Potty training = lots of laundry.
We plan to keep it up for the next two weeks, and hopefully we'll see some real progress!
PS. Max is doing a "Discovery Day" at a new pre-school today just to try it out. We've decided that he wasn't getting as much education/ interaction at his current school as we would like. Today's school has a camera in the classroom and I can check in on him from my computer. Here is a shot of max in action (that is him in the dark pants and grey shirt in the middle of the screen).  Tomorrow we check out the Montassori School.

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